Navigating the HopperFit App

Navigating the App: For First Time Users, Here Is a Step By Step Navigation of the HopperFit App! Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube There are two sections of buttons that can get you anywhere you need to go, the bottom pane and left pane. Below, we take you through a brief explanation of what each button […]

Hops? What the Heck Are They?

What The heck are hops? Let’s Talk Hops. What Are They? What Can I Get With Them? Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube A Hop is our form of credit that can be used to book any of the fitness services available in the HopperFit community. It’s as easy as selecting the number of Hops that you […]

Information on Trainers

Information on Trainers Learn About Our Trainers, How a Session Is Conducted, and Other Helpful Info! Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube HopperFit trainers: All of the trainers on the HopperFit network are certified personal trainers, have years of experience, and have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes! Below is a list of certifications are […]

Benefits Of A Personal Trainer

The Benefits of a Personal Trainer Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube Whether you’re trying to use a workout app, attend pre-recorded workout sessions on YouTube, or simply trying to create your own routine, you’ll rarely see the results you’re looking for. It comes down to a lack of a few things; education, motivation, accountability, customization, challenge, […]

Your First Training Session

Your First Training Session! Learn Everything You’ll Need to Know Prior to Meeting With a Trainer Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube Before you begin your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle, here are a couple tips and tricks you should know! Once you’ve made your decision to seek help from a personal trainer, one of […]

What Type Of Client Are You?

What type of client are you? Lets Identify What Type of Client You Are! Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube The type of client you are depends mostly on your motivations for exercising! You might be seeking a personal trainer to help decrease stress, lose weight, tone muscles, prepare for a competition, gain more athleticism, or any […]