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Everything you'll need to search, book, and attend personal training sessions can be done with the HopperFit app! Start your fitness journey today by downloading from the App Store or Google Play Market.

3 Unique Subscriptions

Have the option to choose between 4, 8, or 12 personal training sessions each month! One Hop is equivalent to one training session, Hops never expire, and leftover Hops extend into future months!

270+ Certified Personal Trainers

With a HopperFit subscription, you'll have access to our vast & ever-growing community of certified, experienced, and professional personal trainers. Learn more about HopperFit trainers on the "Trainers" page.

Affordable Personal Training

With HopperFit, personal training is no longer a luxury expense. We provide some of the nations best trainers, at the lowest prices in the industry. Start today to begin training with a professional!

Some Of Our Trainers

Choose The Perfect Plan

The #1 app that offers a monthly subscription for personal training services


Per month

$42.00 per session


Per month

$41.00 per session


Per month

$40.00 per session

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Getting Started!

Step 1

Download the HopperFit App

Step 2

Create & Register a Hopper Account

Step 3

Activate Your Subscription

Step 4

Book & Attend Training Sessions

Hopper Q & A

Hoppers are users who are looking for a body transformation through personal training with a certified fitness coach.

Hops are our form of credit which can be used towards personal training session. If you're a subscriber, you will get a set number of Hops each month which you can use to redeem a training session.

HopperFit offers any of our subscribed members the option to choose from hundreds of certified personal trainers.

Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry ranging from $40.00 per session to $45.00 per session.

Yes you can! You can visit as many trainers as you'd like until you've found your ideal trainer.

NO you don't have to sign any contracts! You may cancel your subscription at any time with no cancellation fees.

If you make a booking with a trainer and do not show up, a Hop will be withdrawn from your account. You may cancel any appointments 24-hours prior to the sessions start time with no consequences.

To start Hopping:

  1. Simply download the app
  2. Register as a Hopper
  3. Activate your subscription
  4. Search and select the trainer(s) of your choice
  5. Choose your session date and time

That's it!