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Find Your Ideal Personal Trainer

With 250+ certified personal trainers on-demand, the right trainer could be just around the corner! Having personal trainers on-demand allows you to do the fitness activities you want, when you want, where you want!


What Can Hoppers Do?

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Personal Trainer On-Demand

HopperFit gives you the most control over your fitness journey! Being spontaneous is a great way to keep your journey alive and by adding Hops to your profile you can do any fitness activities you’d like, anytime, anywhere!

Hops are HopperFits form of currency. They allow you to effortlessly experience any and all of the services our Partners may provide. Depending on what fitness activity are you looking to do, the number of Hops needed may vary. Below explains (on average) how many Hops are needed to do certain fitness activities.

Fitness Class, Group Class, Healthy Meal

Specialty Fitness Classes: Yoga, Pilates, HIIT Classes, CrossFit, Boxing, Kickboxing, etc.

Personal Training Session

Wellness Centers: Massages, Cryotherapy, etc.

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Fitness Experiences

Whether you’re new to the fitness industry and looking to begin a fitness journey or you are an experienced workout veteran looking for a new way to get fit, HopperFit Experiences are the way to go! Custom build your own fitness journey today!

HopperFit Experiences are a wide range of fitness services bundled together into one package. Instead of going to a gym and working out in the same place with the same equipment, HopperFit Experiences give you a variety of fitness activities you can do as frequently or infrequently as you’d like! Yoga, Pilates, Personal Trainers, Healthy Meals, Massages, and so much more can all be part of your Experience! All you have to do is meet with us and we’ll take it from there! Our simple 3 step process to building your Experience is explained below, take a look to see how it’s done!

We will set up a 30 minute consultation to acquaint ourselves with your lifestyle and determine what fitness services would go well in your Experience! If you decide not to continue with an Experience after the consultation, no problem! No charges, hidden fees, or obligations.

After our consultation, we will compile your information and begin building you the fitness Experience you’ve been looking for. Next, we contact any of the service providers that may be part of your Experience and set up your Experience exactly the way you want! Experiences can have as many or as little daily, weekly, or monthly activities as you choose. We provide every aspect of your Experience including the trainers, facilities, and meal provider that may part of your Experience. Experiences may vary from person to person, but no matter what, we will give you everything you need to fulfill your Experience exactly the way you want it!

Once we have the plan mapped out, we confirm the plan with you before we go any further. Let us know any feedback on the plan and we will adjust accordingly. Once you are happy with everything your Experience entails, you have the greenlight to start your new life!

Week 1: Monday: Afternoon Yoga Tuesday: Morning Personal Training Visit Wednesday: Midday Healthy Lunch Thursday: Morning Personal Training Visit Friday: Evening Massage

How To Start Hopping

Step 1:

Image of HopperFits registration page

Download the app and sign up as a "Hopper"

Step 2:

Image of HopperFit search tab. This is where users can see what type of services we offer and where they are located.

Use the search tab to find certified personal trainers in your area

Step 3:

Image of HopperFit booking manager. This is where users go to book a fitness service.

Select and book! Enjoy any fitness/healthy activities offered in our community


Can I Hop anywhere?

Yes you can! Visit the HopperFit map to find fitness services located nearest to you. From there, just book and show up to redeem your service!

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you do NOT have to sign any contracts! Additionally, HopperFit functions by purchasing Hops, so if you wish to discontinue using HopperFit, you can use the rest of your Hops and just not purchase anymore in the future.

Will I be charged if I miss an appointment?

Hops are withdrawn from the Hopper once the service has been booked. Therefore, if you miss the sessions date and time, the amount of Hops you were charged have already been deducted.

How can I start Hopping?

To start Hopping, all you need to do is register a "Hopper" account, purchases a few Hops, and choose where you want to go! It really is as simple as that!

What fitness services does HopperFit offer?

Whether you're looking for Pilates, yoga, HIIT, or just general fitness, we have a trainer who can help! Take a look at our map or trainer catalog to see who provides the services you're looking for!

Is HopperFit more expensive?

At HopperFit, we do NOT devalue our trainers. Trainers have the freedom to set their own training prices for any of their services. Meaning, HopperFit does not set the prices, the trainers do.