What type of client are you?

Lets Identify What Type of Client You Are!

The type of client you are depends mostly on your motivations for exercising! You might be seeking a personal trainer to help decrease stress, lose weight, tone muscles, prepare for a competition, gain more athleticism, or any other multitude of reasons. The main point being, a persons choice to exercise is vast, situational, and fluctuates regularly. To help categorize, we've compiled 3 subdivisions of fitness seekers in the hopes of identifying your fitness goals and ultimately determining the type of client you are going to be! Here is our breakdown of the types clients a trainer can expect to work with. Which one are you?

Health concious Go-getters

The "Health Conscious Go-Getter" is someone who is aware that it's time for a fitness regiment to enter their lives and are taking the next step towards making that a reality! Their reasoning for entering into the personal trainer realm varies tremendously. Stress relief, weight loss, muscle toning, and even increasing productivity are just some examples of why they enter the fitness world. Regardless of the reason for seeing a personal trainer, you can assume they have a general understanding of fitness but are not experts on the topic. This person can be considered "new" to personal trainers and may not know exactly how a training session is conducted, but are more then willing to learn!

Fit-body powerhouses

"Fit-Body Powerhouses" are the individuals who take great pride in their body, constantly remain conscious of their wellbeing, and attend the gym or physical activity regularly. You may be wondering why they would need a personal trainer, and you wouldn't be wrong thinking that. But there is no one who know everything, and "Fit-Body Powerhouses" know this. They may book a personal trainer to get nutrition information, learn new techniques, or simply to workout with a buddy while still gaining valuable insight. Their overall goal is to bulk up, build muscle, and keep active, a respected segment of the industry.

athletic highflyers

These clients, "Athletic Highflyers", hire personal trainers to simply improve their game. This person usually has a direct goal in mind; taking 10 seconds off their fastest mile, completing an ultramarathon, biking the extra mile, etc. They are traditionally sports players or individuals who partake in athletic events and want to become the best! "Athletic Highflyers" are considered a combination of the "Health Conscious Go-Getter" & "Fit-Body Powerhouse" in that they have a multitude of different reasons for working with a trainer but ultimately are taking care of themselves on their own but need that extra push once in a while.

No matter what:

Regardless of the reason, we have a personal trainer for you! Whether you're interesting in competing at a professional level or looking to de-stress after work, we've got you covered. Check the HopperFit Map with the button below to see if there are any personal trainers near you who can be of service to any of your fitness needs.

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