Navigating the App:

For First Time Users, Here Is a Step By Step Navigation of the HopperFit App!

There are two sections of buttons that can get you anywhere you need to go, the bottom pane and left pane. Below, we take you through a brief explanation of what each button does and what to expect when its pressed! Knowing how to navigate the app is intuitive, easy, fast, and can help you book a training session within seconds! For account overview, searching for new trainers, booking management, and communication, use the 5 tabs at the bottom of the screen. Click the 3 horizontal lines in the top left of your screen to bring up the left menu. This menu is for making account adjustments, reviewing past purchases, or adding Hops to your account. There are 7 options on the left menu, 3 of which are also located on the bottom menu for easy access! Lets take a look at what each one does:

Bottom Tabs:
The search button brings you to our map which shows all of our currently active trainers. Use the map to find and book trainers located near your area!
This is where you can view and track the trainer you have done sessions with in the past and want to keep for future reference. Add trainers to your favorites list for quick access in the future!
Home, is your Hopper Dashboard. Here, you can view your current Hops amount and see a live feed of any new updates released by trainers!
The bookings tab is where you can view any bookings you’ve made. Details about that booking, date and time of your booking, and a check-in button for when it comes closer to the sessions date!
The chat tab is where you can start a chat with any trainers you are interested in meeting with. Use the chat feature to get to know your trainer prior to booking a session or to confirm/finalize your meeting location or any other relevant session details!
Left Tabs:
If you click on the “Add Hops” tab on the left, you will be brought to the Hops checkout page where you can purchase Hops and add them to your account!
The Match Me tab is where you can add or reconfigure your matching preferences. If a trainer has similar fitness preferences, our algorithm will notify you of any trainer matches and sort them by proximity!
If you have made any purchases in the past, this is where your purchase history will go. If you ever want to check back and confirm you have made a purchase, this is where you can view it!
In Settings you can:
Edit your user information
Add Hops to your account
Change/reset your password

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