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Learn About Our Trainers, How a Session Is Conducted, and Other Helpful Info!

HopperFit trainers:

All of the trainers on the HopperFit network are certified personal trainers, have years of experience, and have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes! Below is a list of certifications are trainers are required to have at least one of:

1. ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association
2. ACE - American Council on Exercise
3. NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine
4. AFPA - American Fitness Professionals & Associations
5. NCCPT - National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association
6. AFAA - Athletics and Fitness Association of America
7. IFPA - International Fitness Professionals Association
8. ASCM - American College of Sports Medicine
9. NSCA - National Strength and Conditioning Association
10. NESTA - National Exercise and Sports Training Association
11. NETA - National Exercise Trainers Association

How to find a trainer:

When it comes to finding and learning about trainers, you can easily access information about them on our mobile app and/or website. Taking a look at our map is the best place to start. Zoom in to your residing area, see the trainers who are located nearest you, and click to check out their profile! If you find a trainer near you and want to make a booking, just head to their profile, view their calendar, and choose the date and time that works best for you! Have a specific trainer in mind? You can also use the search bar to find your trainer directly!

Image of HopperFit search tab. This is where users can see what type of services we offer and where they are located.

MAtch-me preferences:

Lets first explain what the Match-Me feature is and how you can use it to your advantage! The Match-Me feature is our way of connecting you to the most relevant trainers in your area. If you fill out your Match-Me preferences (located on the left menu) your answers are then analyzed and processed to match any of our trainers answers. If the two of you have answered similarly, a match is generated and you will be notified of that trainers profile. Whether you use the Match-Me feature or not, it still benefits you to complete the short Match-Me questionnaire!

Meeting Locations:

When it comes time to meet with your trainer of choice, selecting a location is a necessity. Choosing a location is entirely up to you and the trainer. Whether you booked a meeting with a trainer through the Match-Me feature or searched and found them directly, it's important to identify where your training session will be conducted. To do this, use the In-App Messenger. Firstly, introduce yourself and become acquainted with your trainer. Secondly, you and your trainer should be in similar proximity to one another, so you may both be familiar with the area. If that's the case, determine which park, which rec center, which beach, which gym, whos house, which virtual platform, etc. you will be meeting at. Communicate thoroughly with your trainer and find a place that works best for you!


So, you've found the trainer you want to workout with, you've chatted and determined a location with your trainer, now its time for the actual session! What should you bring? Depending on your goals and the type of workout you and your trainer expect to do, equipment may or may not be necessary. If you are meeting at a gym or preestablished facility, you most likely won't have to bring any equipment, except maybe a water bottle. But, if you're meeting your trainer at a park, beach, rec center, etc. you may need a few items. Confer with your trainer to determine what equipment is needed, workout mat, weights, bands, etc. and who will be bringing it. Just as choosing a location is done by communicating with a trainer, so is determining the equipment. Talk to your trainer and identify every detail of the session before you actually meet!

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