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Are you a gym owner or manager looking to maximize your gym's potential by renting out your available fitness space? Join our HopperSites network and unlock a new avenue for Trainers(Hoppers) to utilize your space and attract more clients!

Our platform connects gyms with certified and insured fitness Hoppers.

Why Partner with HopperFit?

Expand Your Reach

Connect with fitness enthusiasts seeking diverse workout spaces.

Increased Exposure

Joining our network exposes your gym to a broader audience of fitness enthusiasts actively seeking diverse workout spaces.

Enhance Member Experience

Offer your members access to a wider range of training options and services.

Boost Revenue Streams

Generate additional income by renting out your gym space to certified Trainers (Hoppers).

Some Hoppers:

Some HopperSites:


What to expect as a HopperSite

How It Works?

  • Join Our Network

    Become a HopperSite and gain access to a community of certified Trainers (Hoppers) eager to utilize your space.

  • Increase Revenue

    Fill your available time slots with personalized training sessions and increase your gym’s revenue

  • Streamlined Process

    We handle the logistics of staffing certified and insured Fitness Trainers (Hoppers) per session, making it hassle-free for you.

User's Feedback:

Renting out our space was a breeze with this platform. I set the rates, chose top trainers, and witnessed their businesses thrive. It's been incredibly rewarding!
Joey and Tyler
Co-Owners - JT Fit Factory
Renting out my extra space boosts revenue and enhances the gym experience. The trainers I've worked with are top-notch professionals who perfectly fit my gym's vibe.
Owner - Tao Yoga
This platform transformed my gym business. It maximizes the space usage and generates extra revenue. The trainers I work with are professional and reliable, and I highly recommend this platform to increase earnings and reduce workload.
Owner -Shred Up Boxing

Q & A

Who/What are hoppers?

Hoppers are Certified Fitness Trainers who are passionate about coaching their clients to reach fitness goals. 

Hoppers' requirements?

Hoppers are required to have a professional fitness license from a credible fitness and health organization or institution.

Do Hoppers have to be insured?

Yes, Hoppers are required to show proof of Personal Trainer Liability insurance.  As a benefit of being a Hopper, we have discounted insurance packages for those who are interested.  

How do Hoppers get paid?

Hoppers are given a wallet and can request the cash they earn at any time (Cash App style).  As a hopper, you can set your own prices and have the option to put your clients on a subscription plan. 

Can Hoppers hop anywhere?

Yes! Hoppers can train their clients anywhere and have the option to book their training session at any facility in the HopperFit network.

Do Hoppers have to sign a contract?

NO,  Hoppers do not have to sign any contracts!  Hoppers may cancel their subscription at any time with no cancellation fees.

Do Hoppers get paid for no-shows?

Clients are allowed to reschedule booked appointments with at least 24-hours notice. Hoppers and HopperSites receive normal pay for no-shows.

Can Hoppers cancel appointments?

Hoppers can cancel their appointments at anytime. Their clients will be sent notifications with their explanation of the cancelation.  The clients will also receive the option to receive a full refund or credit towards their next booking, and the ability to leave the Hopper a review. 

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