Tired of the same old workouts? Boring is never productive. How about you try something new? Foundation V is a HIIT Boxing studio that not only created a new way to workout but keeps things fresh even within the workout. It is located in Lake Park, Florida and they are taking HIIT to a whole other level.

When you first walk into their studio, the first thing you’ll notice is the body bags and a rack where once there were dumbbells, have now been lined with boxing gloves. You might look around for a boxing ring, but you won’t find one.

No, this isn’t a boxing gym, this is a HIIT Boxing studio. It’s ok to not know what that is because before we saw it, neither did we.

It’s a revolutionary new way to bring the benefits of boxing and high intensity intervals together to form one great workout that will have you sweating buckets.

The studio uses a series of moves, in timed intervals or circuits, to get a cardio and strength routine all in one workout. This studio uses a variety of equipment to ensure that you never get bored or stale in your workouts. You’ll see medicine balls, kettlebells, battle ropes, and the traditional dumbbells. With so many different pieces of equipment, the potential for fun, complex, and challenging moves are endless.

Of course, a big chunk of the workouts will revolve around boxing and kickboxing moves, but you can also expect to do some calisthenics and bootcamp style circuits as well as run a few laps around the studio. The meaty part of the workout involves grunting through ball slams, weighted punches and mountain climbers. At times you’ll be working on your own but don’t be surprised when the trainer comes to you one on one and pushes you through an intense circuit.

If you like to get aggressive and powerful in your workouts than you’ll love this place, but will you see results? Heck yeah! The benefits touted by using HIIT workouts have already been proven to transform your body in record time, combining both strength and cardio into one short workout.

HIIT burns massive calories and kicks your metabolism into high gear

, keeping you burning calories long after you’ve stopped exercising. This type of HIIT will also increase your strength and lean muscle mass, creating a double punch (pun intended) to your metabolism, as muscle requires more energy to maintain than fat.

Bring in the benefits of punching, kicking, and training your core through boxing and what do you have:

An incredibly effective workout.

Who will benefit from being a member of this studio? People from all fitness levels can join. The workouts include moves that can be adjusted to your level. You can choose the weight you lift, and you can choose the speed you move. The potential for improvement is also vast.

You’ll notice an improvement in cardiovascular health, muscle tone and size, and hand eye coordination. Not to mention the weight loss, increased confidence and stress reduction that comes with exercise. If you get bored easy with your workouts, try Foundation V. They’ll keep you on your toes and whip you into shape.

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