HopperFit is all about being healthier by having access to top tier exercise facilities, personal training, nutrition, and wellness services. Having access to all these services ultimately results in you having a healthier lifestyle that contributes towards a healthier community.

From the dawn of the civilization, mankind has always thrived for better tomorrow i.e a life of wellness and liveliness. However, we neglect this because we so busy with our modern lives. So, here we are to remind you of the sheer necessity of a healthy lifestyle that includes physical fitness and balanced nutrition.

Our mission:

To inspire people and the community to embody a healthy lifestyle by connecting them to experiences that enriches their minds and bodies.

Our vision:

To create a single-sourced platform where people can easily find and experience a variety of fun, active and healthy lifestyle choices that uplift themselves and their families.

How did we start?

The Founder’s passion for creating Hopperfit comes from his love for fitness and of watching people in his community use fitness to create better lifestyles for themselves. So be it, HopperFit came into existence.

With a mission to inspire people in the community, Team HopperFit seeks to be a catalyst for people to embody a healthier lifestyle by connecting them to experiences that enrich their minds and bodies.

What we do?

HopperFit is a fast-growing fitness and health community platform in South Florida. We provide a ground where all can find and experience a variety of healthy fun activities as well as healthy lifestyle choices that help them uplift themselves and their families.

The main focus of our business is to provide individuals and families (community overall) an attractive mix of quality fitness classes, personal training, nutrition, and wellness services.  Not limited to serving men, women, kids, and even dogs within.

How we do it?

We offer various packages that are suitable for our customers who opt in to access to a healthier lifestyle (whom we proudly call “Hoppers”). A hopper can book at any of our partner fitness studios, gyms, and personal trainers within our network. In addition to exercise, we provide Hoppers access to local healthy food providers, meditation studios, and massage spas to add to the overall healthy lifestyle. After all, it’s all about maintaining the healthier lifestyle you start with us.

So whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast, a mother with active kids, a pregnant woman, preparing for your wedding, a busy professional with a stressful lifestyle or retiree looking for specific but enjoyable fitness classes, HopperFit provides a package that fits your lifestyle. So don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Supporting local fitness and health establishments

At HopperFit we also take pride in supporting local fitness and health establishments, offering our partners a new platform to increase exposure and revenue thus contributing to the community.

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