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At HopperFit, our goal is to provide everyone with an attainable, customizable, and budget friendly way to get fit! We realize that exercising and living a healthy lifestyle is hard work and can quickly become a mundane part of life. To combat this, we are here to provide anyone with an entertaining and everchanging way to get in shape. We do this by allowing our users (Hoppers) the ability to do the fitness activities they'd like, whenever they'd like, wherever they'd like! No longer do you need to pay excessive monthly gym fees only to be tied to one location. Purchase some Hops from the Hops Tab and have the availability to workout exactly the way YOU would like. With roughly 250+ certified personal trainers on our network, you can have the workout of your life at the most competitive prices in the fitness industry. Download our app, register as a "Hopper", search your area for local trainers, and make a booking all with the HopperFit app!

Dionel Sylvester

Founder & CEO

Company Role

Company Visionary

Director of Sales

Partner Acquisitions

Finance & Funding

Growth Opportunities


Auburn University:

BA - Mechanical Engineering

Minor - Computer Science

Company Leader
Full Stack Developer
Partner Acquisitions

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Collin Keating

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Company Role

Director of Marketing

Partner Initiatives

Organization & Delegation

Graphic Design

Company Growth & Operations


Palm Beach State College:

AA - General Education

AS - Business Entrepreneurship

Zachary Hays

App Manager & Web Developer

Company Role

App Manager

Developing New App Features

Web Developer

Full Stack Engineer

Implementing Tech Efficiencies


Florida State University:

BA - Computer Science

Tiffany Gutierrez

Sales Associate & Recruiter

Company Role

Conducting Sales Calls

Acquiring & Building Trainer Base

Interviewing & Vetting


Carthage College:

BA - Spanish

Minor - Biology

Brook Powers

Campaign Manager & Graphic Designer

Company Role

Email Marketing Campaigns

Graphic Design

Data Tracking & Organization

New Partner Initiatives


Converse College:

BA - Studio Arts & Graphic Design

Minor - Marketing

Krista Huey

Social Media Coordinator

Company Role

Creating Engaging Content

Social Media Account Manager

Social Communication

PoC for Social Engagement


University of La Verne:

Current BA - Communications & Marketing

Warner Ransone

Public Relations & Media Manager

Company Role

Business Profile Manager

Public Relations

Advertising & Design

Company Awareness Initiatives


University of Florida:

BA - Advertising

Current MA - Mass Communications

Grace Deker

Lead Copywriter & Social Media Coordinator

Company Role


Blog Writing

WordPress Post Builder

Social Media Outreach


James Madison University:

Current BA - Creative Advertising

Minor - Educational Media & HR Development

Victoria Brown

Sales Associate & Recruiter

Company Role

Conducting Sales Calls

Acquiring & Building Trainer Base

Interviewing & Vetting


Drexel University:

BA - Marketing & Media Law