What We Do:

HopperFit is a vast and ever evolving community of health-related fitness services, with our main focus being on matching clients to certified personal trainers who are ready to train on-demand! We're dedicated to allowing our users (otherwise known as Hoppers) the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle through 1-on-1 training, sustainable dieting, and stress relieving recovery options. Hoppers are able to create a comprehensive fitness plan, choose from hundreds of fitness service providers, and transform their bodies exactly the way they want!

Why We Do It:

Our goal is to provide everyone with an attainable, customizable, and budget friendly way to get fit! We realize that exercising and living a healthy lifestyle is hard work and can quickly become a mundane part of life. To combat this, we are here to provide everyone with an entertaining and everchanging way to get in shape. When you become a Hopper you have access to hundreds of fitness service providers with no sign up, cancellation, membership, or hidden fees involved!

Who Does It:

Dionel Sylvester

Founder & CEO

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Company Visionary

Director of Sales

Partner Acquisitions

Finance & Funding

Growth Opportunities

Auburn University:

BA - Mechanical Engineering

Minor - Computer Science

Collin J. Keating

Director of Business Development

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Director of Marketing

Partner Initiatives

Organization & Delegation

Graphic Design

Company Growth & Operations​

Palm Beach State College:

AA - General Education

AS - Business Entrepreneurship

Zachary Hays

Web/App Developer

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App Manager

Developing New App Features

Web Developer

Full Stack Engineer

Implementing Tech Efficiencies ​

Florida State University:

BA - Computer Science ​