Our Services

Workout, Eat Healthy, Relax!

Our goal at HopperFit is to help you HOP into a better life, so we offer a wide range of services from fitness > to prepared meals > to massage therapy to help you achieve your goals.


We provide you options that include group classes, gym time, and personal training with our best-in-class partners.


Our incredible meal provider partners are available to help you reach your nutritional needs, and live an overall better life


Relax and recover with cryotherapy and massages to help with the path to better overall health

What are we offering?

We offer several packages that allow for you to customize your Hopper Services to your personal needs.

We have classes and services specifically geared to help you hop into a better life, with family-friendly classes that everyone can enjoy together.

All of these services can also be purchased individually to compliment your personal goals.

Full List of Services


FItness & Dance Classes

Open Gym Time For Individual Workouts

Personal Training For 1:1 Fitness


Meal prep programs (pick-up only)

Spa Services

Massages (in-house and at studios),

Cryotherapy (non-cosmetic services)