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What personality type motivates you most?

The Passionate Motivator
Chill and Supportive
The Authoritative Trainer
The Educator
The Fitness Role Model

Question 1 of 6

What is your physical fitness goal?

Lose Weight
Build Muscle
Firm and Tone
Gain Flexibility
Increase Energy
Improve Self-Image

Question 2 of 6

What is motivating you to better your health?

A Competition
A Special Occassion
Social Outreach
Hobby Enthusiast
Life Experiences
Health Complications

Question 3 of 6

What do you currently struggle with the most?

Immune System
Lack of Energy

Question 4 of 6

What past experiences have you found success in?

Self Training
Organized Sporting Activities
1-on-1 / Personal Training
Group Fitness Activities
Virtual Instructions

Question 5 of 6

In those past experiences, what did you find the most value in?

Adjustability / Customization
Positive Reinforcement
Right Amount of Challenge
Enjoyable Activities

Question 6 of 6

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